Robert IrvineRobert Irvine Foundation 2018 Annual Report

Inside Our Best Year Yet

In 2018, The Robert Irvine Foundation collected more donations and dispersed more grants—and for larger amounts—than in any year in its history. A total of $143,000 in donations were allocated to the following organizations in the varying amounts listed below. Some of these donations will enable support for, or expansion of, specific facets of the respective organization’s programming while others will broadly support that organization’s mission to assist veterans and their families.

“I’m very proud of what we accomplished this year,” founder Robert Irvine said. “This may have been our biggest year yet, but I promise we are just getting started.”

Several of the organizations—such as Valor Service Dogs, US-Metro, and The Gary Sinise Foundation—are regular recipients of grants from The Robert Irvine Foundation. Others, such as Three Hots and a Cot—which supports homeless veterans—and The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, are new to the list. Their missions are clearly defined below.

As for why these organizations were chosen, Robert Irvine Foundation Director Dave Reid had this to say:

“We work with people and organizations who have a proven track record of making a real, lasting, and direct impact on the lives of veterans and their families,” said Reid, who himself lost his left leg while serving in Afghanistan. “Part of the due diligence of the Robert Irvine Foundation is to find the best of the best and get the money into the hands of the real change makers. Too often in the charity world, your donation is going to support a sprawling bureaucratic infrastructure. Our organization—and the ones we work with—make every effort to ensure that the money is going to where it will do the most good. This year’s grant recipients have proven an ability to do this time and again.”

Allied Forces Foundation

The AFF is unique in many ways: not least in that it is formed as a joint British-American Foundation pledged to recognize and support the Steadfast Alliance, and specifically those wounded – and the families of those wounded – in the conflicts following 9/11.

The AFF’s motto is: “May All Our Comrades Be Our Cause” The mission of the Allied Forces Foundation is to raise funds for Allied comrades wounded in recent conflicts and to raise awareness of the ongoing challenges faced by injured soldiers and their families. $10,000

American Veterans Center

The mission of the AVC is to guard the legacies and honor the sacrifices of all American veterans. Through oral history preservation, educational programs and civic events, the AVC preserves the stories and lessons of veterans past and present, from which future generations can learn. This year’s grant was used to fund transportation support for the National Memorial Day Parade. The National Memorial Day Parade, held annually along Constitution Avenue in our nation’s capital shares the story of American honor and sacrifice from across the generations. The parade, commemorating its 12th year, is our nation’s largest Memorial Day event, drawing hundreds of thousands of spectators to the National Mall to pay tribute to those who have served, are serving, and most importantly, those who have made the ultimate sacrifice while in service to our country.

The National Memorial Day Parade is a moving timeline of American military history, honoring those who have served and sacrificed from the American Revolution to the present day. It draws on the tradition of Memorial Day parades, going back to the beginning of the holiday just after the Civil War, to create a family-friendly event aimed at calling attention to the true meaning of Memorial Day—honoring our fallen heroes. $5,000

Crossroads Corral

Crossroads Corral is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization based in Central Florida that provides Equine Assisted Therapy and learning activities for active military members and veterans who suffer from PTSD, as well as youth and women who have suffered trauma, abuse and neglect. $10,000

Freedom Foundation

A 501(c)(3) non-profit think and action tank with offices in Washington, Oregon and California. Founded in 1991 by Bob Williams and Lynn Harsh as the Evergreen Freedom Foundation, today They are a national leader in winning the fight for freedom at the state and local level. $1,000

Gary Sinise Foundation

The experiences of war leave an indelible impact on our servicemen and women. As they return to civilian life, the physical, emotional and psychological challenges they face are often difficult. As citizens, supporting the heroes of our nation is a responsibility each of us must carry. The Gary Sinise Foundation works to ensure the sacrifices of America’s defenders and their families are never forgotten.

In 2012, the Gary Sinise Foundation began building custom Smart Homes for America’s severely wounded veterans through its Building for America’s Bravest partner program. Each Smart Home features automated amenities to ease the daily challenges these heroes face. In 2013, the Gary Sinise Foundation expanded these efforts by establishing its R.I.S.E. (Restoring Independence & Supporting Empowerment) program.

For more than a decade, Gary Sinise & the Lt. Dan Band have toured the globe in support of our troops. As a part of the Foundation, the band is raising spirits and awareness for military and first responder causes worldwide.

Through its Invincible Spirit Festivals, the Gary Sinise Foundation is boosting the morale at military medical centers across the country. These daylong celebrations provide a respite from the rigors of rehabilitation for the hospital’s patients, staff and families. The Relief & Resiliency Outreach program is providing complete support to those recovering from trauma, injury and loss during times of urgent need. The Foundation is also providing financial support and training to America’s firefighters, police departments and EMTs through its First Responders Outreach program.

Additionally, the Gary Sinise Foundation is showing appreciation through Serving Heroes, a program providing hearty, classic American meals to our defenders across the country. The Arts & Entertainment Outreach program now includes the Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago and the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles. Each theatre provides dinner and a performance to local veterans free of charge.

In 2015, the Gary Sinise Foundation launched Soaring Valor with The National WWII Museum. The program provides WWII veterans a chance to visit the museum and documents their first-hand accounts of the war for future generations. $30,000

Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation

Founded in 1962, The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation is the nation’s oldest and largest provider of need-based scholarships to military children. For more than 55 years, we’ve been providing access to affordable education for the children of Marine and Navy Corpsman attending post-high school, under-graduate and career technical education programs. $5,000

Research and Development Associates

The mission of the Research and Development Associates for Military Food and Packaging is to provide the safest and highest quality food and food service to the U.S. Armed Forces. R&DA serves as a focal point to foster communications and cooperation relating to research and development, supply and procurement of food, packaging, foodservice equipment and food service/feeding systems between private industry, government, academic institutions, consultants and technical/trade/professional associations. $2,000

Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors

TAPS offers compassionate care to all those grieving the loss of a loved one who died while serving in our Armed Forces or as a result of his or her service. Since 1994, TAPS has provided comfort and hope 24/7 through a national peer support network and connection to grief resources, all at no cost to surviving families and loved ones. TAPS has assisted more than 85,000 surviving families, casualty officers and caregivers. TAPS provides a variety of programs to survivors nation and worldwide. TAPS also conducts regional survivor seminars for adults and youth programs at locations across the country, as well as retreats and expeditions around the world. $30,000

Three Hots and A Cot

Three Hots and A Cot is a 501(c) (3) organization formed by veterans to help veterans – to serve our brothers and sisters who need their help. Three Hots and A Cot primary mission is to assist homeless military veteran’s transition from life on the streets into a self-sustained lifestyle.

Three Hots and A Cot is not a Homeless Shelter – but a gateway to Independence. Whatever the need of the veteran – Three Hots and A Cot strives to help them meet it. “Whatever the road block is – we will help them move it. Whatever the hurdle in the veteran’s path – we will help them climb over it.” Three Hots and A Cot’s objective is to be a source of healing and prevention of a national tragedy. $10,000


The USO was founded in preparation for World War II by national leaders who understood that maintaining high morale in a fighting force is vital to a nation’s military success. Over time, the USO has become the vital bridge between Americans and their military service members. The USO is a family of volunteers, sustained by the charitable contributions of millions of generous Americans. The USO is united in its commitment to support America’s service members by keeping them connected to the people, places, and things they love. The USO does this through countless acts of caring, comfort, connection, and support. Its work is America’s most powerful expression of gratitude to the men and women who secure our nation’s freedoms.

USO of Metropolitan Washington-Baltimore is the largest chapter chartered by the USO. Ten locations and a “deployable” Mobile USO provide signature USO services to the nearly 300,000 military members and their families living in the region and the 150,000 who travel through our local airports.

USO-Metro is a nonprofit 501c3 organization chartered by Congress, and dedicated to serving those who serve, and their families in Washington D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia. It is through the generous financial support of individuals and organizations in the local community that USO-Metro is able to fulfill its mission. With the help of thousands of devoted volunteers, USO-Metro provides programs and services for active duty troops and their families at area military hospitals, six USO Centers, four USO airport lounges and a Mobile USO. Signature programs and services include holiday programs like Turkeys for Troops and Project USO Elf, emergency housing and food assistance, and caring for our wounded, ill and injured troops and their caregivers. $40,000

Valor Service Dogs

Valor Service Dogs is a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization that helps post-9/11 wounded veterans regain their independence, return to civilian life, and maintain successful partnerships through the training and placing of mobility assistance and PTSD service dogs. In addition to aiding their veterans in community reintegration, both physically and psychologically, Valor Service Dogs brings awareness and education to the public on service dogs, their training, and the laws that allow service dogs to be active members of society. $20,000