Remembering September 11, 2001

Over two decades later.

Any New Yorker will tell you that September 11, 2001 was a beautiful morning with a clear blue sky. Yet, at 8:46 am everything changed. This is when the first tower was struck by a plane hijacked by terrorists. And this is when our country changed, ripping away the feeling of safety from our lives.

The devastation continued. Glued to the TV, the world joined as we watched the second tower fall and the third attack on the Pentagon. Then America heard about the fourth plane that crashed into a Pennsylvania field. This plane never made it to it’s destination of harm. The passengers on American flight 93 left documented voicemails to their loved ones. They said that the plane had been hijacked and they were taking action. They took back control, fought, and sacrificed themselves when they crashed into that field.

Thousands dead and hundreds of bodies lost.

9/11 stands as one of the worst terrorist attacks in the history of the United States. Nearly 3,000 civilians and first responders were killed and hundreds of bodies lost, never recovered. Many died post September 11th due to illnesses. Thousands of families were left behind with loved ones gone forever.

Together we honor. Together we serve.

Through the tragedy, America witnessed acts of kindness and bravery that followed days, weeks, and month after these events.

First responders and civilians traveled from all over to offer a helping hand. Working together, searching through debris for people buried below. Strangers helping each other, treating one another as family. American flags waved across local neighborhoods. There was a sense of unity spread throughout the nation.

A wave of inspired patriots raised their hands to protect their country. In the following year over 181,510 Americans enlisted in active duty service and 72,908 joined the enlisted reserves.

Robert Irvine Foundation is here.

The Robert Irvine Foundation believes we must never forget the events that took place over two decades ago. The horrible acts of terrorism and the beauty of togetherness that followed. This is how we honor the lives gone, the families left behind, the brave individuals that enlisted to fight for our freedom, and the warriors that returned home with visible & invisible wounds.

Honoring our Heroes: Tracie Stuckie

Yesterday the Robert Irvine Foundation hosted a private ceremony in Erie, PA with our Partner Sunbelt Rentals for Tracie Stuckie. The Foundation presented her with a life-changing IBOT. Now retired, Tracie served her country as a police officer. She was in an automobile accident that resulted in severe wounds including a spinal cord injury. Showing her true resiliency, she returned to the Police Department working from a wheelchair. This IBOT will allow Tracie to regain the ability to speak to people at eye level. She can go up and down stairs, go over curbs, and participate in activities with her loved ones. Tracie is most excited to have access to her yard and play with her four grandchildren as she did prior to her injuries. Tracie’s quality of life will be forever improved. This is the least we can do.

We must give back to those who sacrifice in defense of our freedom and safety. We must take care of the heroes still here.

Today we honor the thousands of lives killed & never found, we pray for the families left behind, and we remember the sense of unity our country felt 22 years ago.

The Robert Irvine Foundation will never forget. Join us.