Apollo’s Graduation

Earlier this month, Apollo Valor graduated and was placed with his forever veteran. Apollo is one of four service dogs that were sponsored by Chef Robert Irvine and the Robert Irvine Foundation, and the first to graduate. Apollo’s veteran is an Air Force EOD Technician who served 17 years in the Air Force. He was injured in 2011, in Afghanistan, while conducting a post blast investigation where he stepped on a pressure plate. Injuries from the blast resulted in the amputation of both legs and his left arm. While his injuries are vast, this hasn’t stopped this amazing veteran from becoming an entrepreneur, raising a family, or becoming Apollo’s partner in crime.

To aid his veteran, Apollo has been trained to open and close doors, retrieve a water out of the refrigerator, pick up dropped items, retrieve items from other areas of the house, turn on and off lights, and provide companionship in everyday life. We know that these two will accomplish a lot together and we can’t wait to cheer them on.

Thank you to Apollo’s Puppy Coach and the Robert Irvine Foundation for making this graduation possible! Stay tuned for our next 2 graduations coming this May.