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Welcome to another edition of Life Ingredients, the newsletter where I share a workout, a healthy recipe, and a piece of motivational advice.

Let’s jump right in as we always do, with a great workout!

My trainer Steve is back at it this month with one of my favorite workouts, a kettlebell circuit.

If you’ve never trained with kettlebells, you’d probably look at the shape of the things—essentially these cannonballs with a handle—and say, “What’s wrong with using dumbbells?” Well, nothing’s wrong with using dumbbells, but there are a few unique benefits to using kettlebells. First, the odd shape of the weight means you’ll recruit more stabilizing muscle fibers to control it, as opposed to a perfectly balanced dumbbell. Second, this unique shape also lends itself to a wider variety of exercises that introduce a cardiovascular conditioning element into your resistance training sessions.

In layman’s terms: you’re going to have to work a bit harder (and thus burn more calories), wind up a bit sweatier, and feel even more accomplished at the end of your workout.

I’ll let Steve take it from here:

Life Ingredients MARCH 2024 WORKOUT


World’s Greatest Stretch 2 x 5-10 each

90/90 Hip Rotation 2 x 5-10 each


Complete 3 to 5 rounds of the following: 

– KB Goblet Squat x 15 reps

– KB Clean and Press x 10 reps each side

– KB Single Arm Row x 10 reps each side

– KB Push Up x 10 reps each side

– KB Leg Raise with Pullover x 10-15 reps


Complete with no rest between exercises

rest up to 90 seconds between rounds



Complete 30-45 seconds

rest between each exercise



Complete with Rest as Needed along the way

(usually up to 60 seconds between exercises)


This doesn’t have to be a standalone meal. It’s hearty enough to serve at parties as a dip along with corn chips or toasted pita wedges. While still piping hot, you can add a sprinkle of crowd-pleasing mozzarella or pepper jack cheese.




FAT: 18 g

CARBS: 54 g

Warmer weather and spring traditions are just around the corner, and I couldn’t be more excited. For me, one of the silver linings of the pandemic was that when all the gyms were closed and I couldn’t lift every day, I rediscovered my love of the great outdoors. Gail and I began riding bikes together around Tampa and it was so much more than a great cardio workout; it was revitalizing. Fresh air and a bit of sun on your skin recharge your internal battery in a way nothing else can. In fact, if you’ve felt down these last few months, it’s not just in your head; studies have shown that during winter months, anyone living north of the Texas panhandle isn’t getting any Vitamin D from the sun because its angle to the Earth is too weak and our exposure to the light too short for our bodies to convert it. And this is a big problem, of course.

So my motivational advice this month is to remember that the mind can’t function in a healthy way if the rest of the body isn’t healthy. So for starters, I want you to get outside as much as you can, even if it’s still a little bit chilly where you live. Because on top of everything else Vitamin D gives us, it also has a major impact on our mental health as it improves mood and can alleviate feelings of depression. Whatever outdoor activity you choose doesn’t matter. Walk, run, bike, or if you’re strapped for time, just take your lunch outside, side on a park bench, and feel the sun on your face while you enjoy your meal. A little fresh air, sun, and the Vitamin D that comes with it will do wonders for your overall sense of wellbeing and help chase any remaining winter blues away.

Until next time, remember the words I live by: