Dear Friends,

There’s so much more to share about all of our programs, but I want to use this opportunity to tell you about an incredible new initiative we launched this year.

marines were killed in action. And since then, the unit has lost 100 more to overdose, accident, or suicide. This was the first time the battalion and their families were together since serving in Afghanistan twenty years ago. Rising at dawn, they hiked to a mountaintop overlooking the coast. There, surrounded by beautiful wildflowers and a cloudless sky, they unveiled a massive memorial cross in honor of their fallen brothers. The unit’s Chaplain delivered a deeply moving speech. Something he said has stuck with me ever since:


I’ve been on the road 345 days this year. Everywhere I go, I see the same selflessness in each service member and first responder I meet. I know this has been a challenging year for so many, but we have to make sure these heroes have the resources they need, especially during the holidays when so many will be away from their loved ones.

Every day our military and first responders are willing to lay down their lives to protect this nation. They know the cost. So we must honor their sacrifices. I hope we can count on your donation. Every dollar will make a difference. Let’s finish the year strong.