The Robert Irvine Foundation is excited to welcome Kenneth as our newest Foundation Ambassador! Robert Irvine is creating an outstanding team of veterans, military members, and caregivers to raise awareness about the Robert Irvine Foundation. As official Foundation representatives, they provide program updates and share their stories at speaking engagements & events to help spread Robert’s vision.

Kenneth has uncovered his purpose through his biggest obstacles, and he’s dedicated to helping others do the same. His goal is to help integrate people back into society and become the best version of themselves, whatever that looks like for them. Kenneth enlisted in the United States Marine Corps shortly after graduating high school in 2007. Once he got to his unit in 2008, he was assigned to a nine-month combat tour in Iraq with the 1st Marine Logistics Group (MLG).
 After coming off active duty, Kenneth was involved in a tragic rollover vehicle accident that left him paralyzed and triggered a battle against PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Once Kenneth left rehab, he realized that the fitness industry lacked useful resources for people with mobility impairments. Referencing his knowledge from military training, Kenneth understoo
d the impact fitness had on a person’s physical and mental wellness.
The Robert Irvine Foundation proudly presented Kenneth with an adaptive bike manufactured and designed by Bowhead on the field of an Eagles game in 2023. This bike will provide Kenneth opportunities to stay active by exploring a variety of terrain.

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He founded ParaPer4mance Inc. with the mission to improve the quality of life for all individuals with mobility impairments. After graduating college with multiple awards and decorations in 2019, Kenneth was able to organically grow his startup into an actual company, Kenneth graduated from Penn State Lehigh Valley with a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing and currently serves on the advisory board for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Kenneth’s goal has always been serving people globally, and he believes everyone deserves to become the best version of themselves. Considering the significant barriers to independence in society.